The Human Safety Net and Knack: together to unlock human potential

Knack games will identify talented entrepreneurs in Paris and Munich, guiding them to the most promising areas of training and employment

Knack, a Silicon Valley technology start up whose smartphone games reveal people’s talent around the world, has joined forces with The Human Safety Net in Germany and France this January.

The focus of this new partnership will be to use Knack’s expertise to discover the talents and unlock the potential of refugees. The partnership focuses on refugees who have joined The Human Safety Net and are taking part in its Refugee Start-Ups programme in Germany and France. Knack games will identify promising entrepreneurs who can join dedicated incubators in Paris and Munich, while guiding other refugees to the most promising areas of training and employment.

Early trials conducted by Knack across Germany show that refugees have high competitive potential in sectors as diverse as finance, software and the food industry. On average, they are more resourceful and diligent, and have greater grit than the general population, thus exhibiting the key traits of successful entrepreneurs.

Showcasing the partnership at WEF2018

At the World Economic Forum 2018, focused this year on creating a shared future in a fractured world, Knack stations in Generali’s Davos offices will allow visitors and guests to try out short games to assess their own potential and capabilities. This interactive tool reinforces the shared purpose of The Human Safety Net and Knack: revealing invaluable human potential in hidden places and unlocking it to create a better world, and a shared future, for all of us.