Our new home is on track to welcome the world in spring 2022

Procuratie Vecchie set to fulfil its 500-year-old social purpose to help vulnerable people on a global scale following five-year restoration


The new home of The Human Safety Net, Venice’s Procuratie Vecchie in Saint Mark's Square, is on track to open its doors to the public in spring 2022, following a five-year restoration of the building carried out by the renowned architect David Chipperfield.

For the very first time in its 500-year history, the Procuratie Vecchie will be throwing open its doors to the public, welcoming in Venetians and visitors alike. 

To mark the start of the count-down to its inauguration, a scale-model of the building has been put on public display in the Royal Gardens, in the Human Garden space, next to the square. Never-before-seen photos documenting the building’s transformation have also been released, which show the extent of the restoration and the challenges of preserving the building's history, while making it fit for modern and sustainable use for the next 500 years. 

Visitors to The Human Safety Net’s new home will be taken on an interactive journey, where they will discover the challenges faced by the most vulnerable people in society, as well as the social impact of The Human Safety Net’s programmes.

The building will also be a venue for dialogue and engagement, where like-minded people, organisations and companies can meet, share their goals and create new partnerships. 

Large communal areas of the Procuratie Vecchie, which once housed the Procurators of Saint Mark – officials who looked after the poor and needy of the city – will also be set aside for events and exhibitions on sustainability and humanitarian themes.

The building has come full circle from its original Renaissance mission to help the vulnerable in Venice – and will now fulfil these ambitions on a global scale. It will become a window onto the world and an amplifier of the issues The Human Safety Net works on.

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