Welcome to our partner Rastimo zajedno in Croatia!

With our new partner Rastimo zajedno in Croatia, we are now active in 21 countries! Together we help families in difficult circumstances to gain confidence and skills that meet their children’s developmental needs.

With Rastimo zajedno / Growing Up Together Centre for Parenting Support, we help parents and children who are exposed to adverse circumstances. The workshops are run by experts with the support of volunteers and offer parents the opportunity to meet, share information and knowledge with other families. Preschool children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds can make new experiences meeting their development needs and parents are encouraged to gain confidence in applying their parenting skills.

Rastimo zajedno workshops started in 2008 and today they are implemented in 85 cities. The new program Growing up Together – Count us in! is run in 25 cities in partnership with UNICEF and the Ministry for Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy. “This Partnership allows us to expand this important program and to increase its quality, availability, sustainability and long – term effectiveness in Croatia” said Ms. Ninoslava Pećnik, president of The Center for parenting support Rastimo zajedno / Growing Up Together. Mario Carini, CEO of Generali Croatia added: “I am pleased we have joined the movement of The Human Safety Net by introducing a volunteering program across Croatia. I look forward to participating in these activities together with our colleagues”.

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