Together with PAF Foundation to improve life chances of babies in Hungary

The Human Safety Net is now active also in Hungary with PAF (Positive Attitude Formation) Foundation to spread best practices on newborns healthcare and provide better treatment of preterm baby and perinatal asphyxia

There’s nothing more touching and fulfilling than holding for the first time your baby in your arms. And it has been proven that this is extremely beneficial also for the new-borns. That uninterrupted contact between mother and baby during the “golden hour” after birth is critical to the child’s growth and development. But unfortunately, this good practice is not widespread enough in Hungary.

With our new partner PAF (Positive Attitude Formation) Foundation and Generali Hungary @generalihun we activated a specific program aimed to raise awareness of the best practices for new-borns healthcare, such as the fetal movement monitoring and the “golden hour” after birth. A medical equipment donation to treat preterm baby and perinatal asphyxia will further support the Newborns program in Hungary.

PAF volunteers active in the program are trainers, coaches, healthcare professionals, physicians, nurses and media professionals. They are committed to develop a more human and compassionate healthcare, not only in emergency situations, but in a more sustainable culture of people helping people.