Support from Scale Up Impact helps SINGA to go global

SINGA to open five new incubators and reach refugees beyond large metropolitan areas

The Human Safety Net’s Scale Up Impact support has enabled SINGA, on of The Human Safety Net For Refugee Start Ups partners in France, to reach even more people by opening five new incubators for refugee entrepreneurs across France and Germany. 

The funding has also enabled SINGA to extend its programmes beyond just the large metropolitan areas, so giving refugees easier access to its services closer to their homes.

In addition, organisational capacity support from the Scale Up Impact initiative has allowed the expansion and consolidation of the organisation, which will now become SINGA Global, with branches in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Canada.

SINGA Global has five missions: coordinating the SINGA network around the world; measuring the precise impact of its activities globally; expanding its network to even more cities and countries; fundraising to ensure financial security; and communicating its mission around the world.

SINGA was one of The Human Safety Net’s very first partners, helping to establish an impactful programme in France which empowered refugees through entrepreneurship. 

In 2020, The Human Safety Net launched ‘Scale Up Impact’, a multi-year strategy for amplifying its social impact for the most vulnerable families and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

The initiative aimed to boost the work of NGO partners which had developed models that could be replicated beyond a single organisation – and SINGA was among the first tranche of partners to be selected. 

Scale Up Impact both funds these selected partners as well as providing capacity development support, so significantly enlarging their ability to support families and refugees nationwide and even internationally. 

Scale Up Impact is investing €7M in 2020-2022 to enable pioneering NGOs to replicate their successful models and transform people’s lives on a national scale.