Interview with Nicola Crosta on Impact Philanthropy

Nicola Crosta, CEO of Impact46, talks about Impact Philanthropy as a key, stable force for civic engagement, social innovation and sustainable development.

Nicola Crosta, CEO of Impact46, outlines the importance of Impact Philanthropy, characterized by a deliberate focus on impact. When giving is impact-driven, organizations to support are selected more carefully. Also, funding is discussed jointly, and partnership is seen as a multi-year venture. Monitoring and evaluation are viewed as critical in an impact-driven approach. In this context, communication is based on evidence and focused on the work of the organizations supported. Under Impact Philanthropy, donors engage actively, seek to understand what they support and are eager to ‘experience’ their philanthropy in a smart, thoughtful way.

If impact-driven giving becomes the norm, Impact Philanthropy can emerge as a key, stable force for civic engagement and social innovation, concretely contributing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.