Coming back together to expand our impact

The Human Safety Net 2nd Global Networks Event is about to start in Venice. From 18th to 20th September, all our Partners, Generali people and volunteers come together to share best practices and take actions on earlychildhood development, newborn health and refugee entrepreneurship.

The Human Safety Net 2nd Global Networks Event is about to start in Venice.   
From 18th to 20th September, together with our partners from 20 countries around the world and key representatives of public and social global organizations we will discuss how to empower, retain and strengthen parents to achieve better outcomes for young children from vulnerable families. We will see how health care professionals, hospitals and parents can cooperate in care to provide the best start possible for newborns. We will look into refugee business integration to analyse what determines whether refugees’ businesses survive, grow and start to employ others. We will explore how to engage and empower volunteers to amplify our impact. Different perspectives, multiple approaches, same scope: sharing, connecting, amplifying impact.