All together to amplify our impact

At the second edition of The Human Safety Net Global NetWorks Event, more than 240 people including 40 NGOs from 20 countries, change-makers, Generali employees and volunteers designed ways to amplify our impact on communities around the world.

The second edition of The Human Safety Net Global NetWorks Event closed on September 20th in Venice.

More than 240 people including 40 leading NGOs from 20 countries, influential change-makers, Generali employees and volunteers came together from all over the world to connect, share ideas and amplify our impact on newborns health, early childhood development and refugee entrepreneurship.

With Nicola Crosta CEO of Impact46, we discovered the potential of “Impact Philanthropy”, characterized by a deliberate focus on impact.  Bernadette Daelmans from the Department of Maternal, Newborn Child and Adolescent Health of the World Health Organisation, outlined that effective intervention in early childhood entails health system response, community action, private sector engagement. The social entrepreneur, Ahmad Sufian Bayram, showed us how, given the right circumstances, refugees can contribute to the local society and economy of the host country.

With Jeroo Billimoria, social entrepreneur and founder of several innovative and award-winning NGOs, including Child Helpline, Aflatoun, Child and Youth Finance and One Family Foundation, we learned that effective collaborations can change system and policies worldwide.

We also investigated challenges and solutions to scale our impact with Ayla Göksel CEO of ACEV - Mother Child Education Foundation in Turkey, Giorgio Tamburlini, President of Centro per la Salute del Bambino Onlus (CSB) and with Yannick Du Pont, Director of SPARK. We learned that no matter where the community program acts and what it is about, to scale impact, we need to translate scientific evidence into multiple intervention models, to test and monitor, invest in partnerships, create a community system.

Together with our Network and external experts we also talked about how to overcome the implementation challenges of our community programs, to measure impact, to ensure long-term outcomes and access to finance to refugee entrepreneurs. We investigated and designed solutions to retain participants in parenting programs. We discussed and came up with new ways to increase cooperation among how health care professionals, hospitals and parents to provide the best start possible for newborns.

Finally, during the first ever Amplify Challenge of Generali Group, we developed concrete plans to mobilize Generali people and resources to make a greater and lasting impact on our communities around the world.

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