A global Hackathon of 800 volunteers for 2 days in 22 countries to support families

The materials developed by volunteers will contribute to the global initiative “Parenting for LifeLong Health” project, initiated by WHO, UNICEF and the Oxford University

Stressful situations like Covid-19 put parent-child relationship under pressure affecting young children life, with immediate and sometimes long terms effects throughout the life course. As countries around the world experienced rapid spikes in COVID-19, such situation loomed even larger with new lockdown rules, rising unemployment, school closure and other significant social and economical challenges.

As a reaction, Parenting for Lifelong Health (PLH) initiative decided to develop a large set of free parenting material with the ambition to make it available to millions of families worldwide. This content was created  by parenting experts and the support of leading organizations (WHO, UNICEF, the Oxford University) with the hope to help families in distress to rebuild positive parent-child relationships.

The Human Safety Net is mobilizing its Generali volunteering community in 22 countries. By adapting the content in more than 20 languages, we hope that millions more vulnerable families will be able to benefit from this valuable support.

On February 2nd and 3rd and for the first time a global digital volunteering Hackathon has been organized. For 48h, more than 800 volunteers will join the effort as translators, quality controllers, and video recorders will all act as a movement of people helping people.

All produced material will be given to the Parenting for Lifelong Health (PHL) as our contribution. In addition, The Human Safety Net will activate a global dissemination plan to reach vulnerable families in the 22 countries where we operate through our community of partner NGOs. Finally, Generali will make the contents available to millions of families of customers worldwide.