80 Montessori toys created by volunteers in Slovakia for children from vulnerable families

For the second year in a row, Generali Slovakia volunteers lend their hand for The Human Safety Net Families’ program

During two days in July and August, volunteers from Generali Slovakia committed themselves once again to assemble Montessori toys for children who are currently attending the Learning for Life project, which is rolled out in six cities across Slovakia in partnership with NGO partner Union of Mother Centre, as part of The Human Safety Net’s For Families program.

Volunteers dedicated a total number of 31 hours to assemble special toys for children from vulnerable families.

One of the volunteers, Jana, shared what inspired her to took part to the project: "As a volunteer in my private life and this summer I participated to this project by Generali Slovakia and The Human Safety Net. Together with other colleagues we assembled wooden toys for children. I think it is not important to do big things, just keep your eyes open, listen and invest your time in the right way."

Thanks to Jana and all the volunteers, these children will be able to develop their fine motor skills, concentration and imagination and they will also learn how to count and identify colours. This year the range of Montessori toys was enlarged with a triangular brain-twister, which will help the children train logical thinking also at older age. We believe that also thanks to the endeavour of our volunteers, the children from our Learning for Life project will be able to further develop in order to fulfil their dreams one day.

  • 17 colleagues involved,
  • 31 voluntary hours,
  • 2,000 pins hammered into wooden balls,
  • 1.5 kg of rubber bands used,
  • 200 pieces of paper laminated,
  • 320 user instructions and templates cut off.

The result is 80 complete toys for children from Slovakia’s children living in vulnerable circumstances. Well done to them all!