UNDP and The Human Safety Net: The European launch of the Human Development Report

The Home of The Human Safety Net in Venice hosted the European launch of UNDP's 2023/24 Human Development Report, "Breaking the Gridlock: Reimagining Cooperation in a polarised world."

The report unpacks the key reasons behind uneven development, rising inequality, and political polarisation. It calls for a reimagined global cooperation approach and urges immediate action for climate stability, equitable technology use, and innovative financial support mechanisms, aiming to pave the way for a more collaborative and sustainable future. Partnerships stand front and centre as one of the ways of advancing human development and bridging this widening gap.

This collaborative effort is also a cornerstone of The Human Safety Net’s philosophy, which stresses that an engine of change must be rooted in collaboration. Many of its NGO partners have models that can be replicated beyond a single organisation and have the potential to operate on a larger scale. With this in mind, The Human Safety Net has set up a dedicated initiative to identify high-potential projects and facilitate collaboration across sectors, expanding their reach to support families and refugees at a national and international level.

The Human Safety Net actively works to engage an open network of partnerships to join the cause, collaborating with various stakeholders, including public and private sectors, NGOs, universities, and research centres. Through financial and non-financial partnerships, its movement aims to co-create solutions, learn from each other, and pool resources to maximize the impact of its programmes.