The story of Gabika

“Mom, grandmother, and father in one extraordinary person”

Gabika is a mom, a dad, and a grandma all in one for her two grandchildren, Dianka and Jarko. 

Gabika does the best she can to provide a good life for her grandchildren. This is one of the reasons why she decided to get involved in the Learning for Life program, which The Human Safety Net supports in Slovakia.

Initially, Jarko was very tight-lipped and cautious because of his complicated past. When he arrived at the centre, he tightly gripped his grandmother, hardly spoke, and just watched what was happening around him. It has been a difficult journey with Jarko, but today at six years of age, he is a bolder, braver, and more active boy thanks to the long and patient efforts of the programme experts. 

Thanks to regular meetings and activities at the centre, Jarko is making incredible progress in his development; he is more confident and enjoys trying different activities and discovering the world. He is no longer uncomfortable with contact with others; he actively participates in games and various activities with children and adults. 

Even Gabika says that Jarko is an entirely different little boy now. She believes her grandchildren will grow up a better person thanks to the Learning for Life programme.
The programme Learning for Life has been launched in November 2018 in 6 cities all around Slovakia and is focused on helping disadvantaged families to decrease poverty via inclusive education.