Working towards impact at the Home in Venice

What challenges do corporate foundations and impact investors face in achieving impact and creating more purpose-driven organizations?

The European Venture Philanthropy Association's Business of Impact event provides a unique opportunity for corporate foundations and impact investors to transform their business models and further empower corporate social investors, fostering the development of purpose-driven organizations. The annual summit, with over 200 professionals attending, was hosted for the first time at The Home of The Human Safety Net in Venice.
While there are various approaches for corporations to develop a coherent plan aligning their impact and business agendas, the complex challenges of a world facing multiple crises necessitate an updated consideration of the overlaps and boundaries.

But what are the specific challenges faced by corporate foundations, business leaders, and impact investors who operate at the intersection of philanthropy, impact investing, and business transformation? To find out, watch the video and hear what they have to say.