We made a pledge to train 5.000 refugees by 2026

The Global Refugee Forum, hosted by UNHCR, is the world's biggest international gathering focused on refugees.

The Global Refugee Forum in Geneva, organised once every four years by the UN Refugee Agency, is the place where the private and the public sectors, foundations, academics, and NGOs come together to commit to concrete actions that support refugees and host communities. The Human Safety Net was happy to contribute to the conversations and explore partnerships to advance opportunities for refugee employment. We have pledged to support entrepreneurship and professional training and placement programs to create sustainable pathways to economic self-reliance for refugees in host countries.

It means that in three years, by 2026, The Human Safety Net will be supporting the training of 5,000 refugees who are facing social and economic vulnerability. And we're not doing it alone! The For Refugees programme is present in six countries and has 21 active NGO partners.

These projects will allow refugees to become entrepreneurs or provide them with professional training to contribute to their inclusion in the local economy. We support future entrepreneurs to build solid business plans, start their ventures, and connect with customers. Participants learn about local businesses and meet mentors and partners. If entrepreneurship is not what they are aiming for, they can join a job training to meet local community needs.

Those supported so far have launched hundreds of businesses— consultancies, language schools, tech platform, and catering operations—boosting their local economies. Everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed, and we are here to help make that happen.

Here you can read some of the personal stories of refugees that set up a business or found employment in their host countries.