THSN Ambassadors are already in action

A blossoming of activities was originated and realized by THSN Ambassadors in several countries.

After meeting virtually at the beginning of February for the Ambition Days, where each country presented its five priorities for 2023, the 500 THSN Ambassadors in 24 countries have started with a boost and lots of enthusiasm from one corner to the other of the world. They already initiated and delivered several initiatives to raise awareness, collect books and start campaigns. 

In Slovakia, they organized the production of unique and reusable beeswax napkins branded with The Human Safety Net colours. It’s a sustainable item that can be used and reused again to keep the food fresh longer. THSN Ambassadors then coordinated the sale at the yearly Easter market at the Generali offices.

In Germany, leveraging on the National Day of the Books (23rd of April), they organized a collection of books in all 11 offices across Germany: the initiative was a great success, with thousands of books collected and dozens of volunteers engaged. They will now reach the children’s houses of the families involved by The Human Safety Net For Families partners of the programme.

In addition, in India, earlier in April, Ambassadors had the chance to visit and volunteer at one of the Family centres of Pratham, one of the Families NGO partners. They engaged themselves in telling stories to children, and attending some active listening sessions,  besides helping to spread the word about the centre by distributing leaflets. One of the Ambassadors said: “The programme ensures every kid has a level of confidence to participate and a propensity to learn. The parents are also engaged with empowering sessions regarding their children’s progress.” Another one added: “I was grateful to join, as I could do my little bit to give it back to society.”

The speed and the impact of all these activities are encouraging for the Global Challenge 2023, that will officially take off at the beginning of June.