The Father's Club in Croatia

NGO partner Rastimo Zajedno supports the role of fathers in the early childhood develpment of their daughters and sons

As part of the Families program in Croatia, in partnership with NGO partner Rastimo Zajedo, a special activity dedicated to fathers has been launched. Active in 21 regional districts, “Let's grow together in every family“, workshops specifically designed for dads are now held in kindergartens all over Croatia. " Fathers' Club - Growing Together" promotes the active role of fathers in the care and upbringing of children through the experiences of dads from the club. 

The activities were created with the support of the Croatian Central Office for Demography and Youth and The Human Safety Net For Families programme in Croatia. The goal of the workshops is learning and mutual exchange of experience with the professional support of the educator. 

„Through this project, fathers realise how influential is their role as fathers, what is good for their children, and that their role is equally important, yet different, from the one of the mother,“ says Ena Terceg, an educator from the NGO.

The journey of the fathers is organized in six meetings in small groups, one of which is a joined playing session with children, while mothers also join in the last meeting. During the meetings they talk about their role as parents, the challenges and demands that parenthood brings, the sense of attachment, the importance of shared play, emotional development, unpleasant feelings and happy moments.

Watch the video to discover more about what fathers and educators say about the experience!