Social innovation, impact investing and partnership for a more inclusive future

Venice's Home hosted the EVPA Business for Impact Summit and Assifero's Italian Corporate Philanthropy Camp

By hosting the EVPA Business for Impact Summit on May 15th-16th and Assifero's Italian Corporate Philanthropy Camp on the first day, with over 200 people attending, the Home of The Human Safety Net in Venice keeps its mission to become a hub for social innovation dialogue and sustainability issues. It has been a two-day marathon on social impact, investing in ESG thematic, impact measurement, venture philanthropy, business transformation and social innovation, collaboration and partnership.

Participants from corporate and private foundations and the ESG and business innovation community discussed and exchanged on the latest trends and developments in impact investing, including innovative financial instruments, impact measurement, and strategies for maximizing social impact. At the event, key European actors discussed venture philanthropy's role in creating positive social change, including funding models, due diligence, and impact assessment. In addition, they discussed how a transformative and positive social impact can be achieved through collaboration with different actors, among which The Human Safety Net, and the building of partnerships that aim to achieve a measurable impact, such as cross-sectoral partnerships, co-investment models between private and public, and knowledge-sharing ones.
The summit held in the Home of The Human Safety Net in Venice helped the sector go towards a more collaborative way of working, looking at project design that already embeds collaboration among different actors, particularly funders and exchanging best practices on measuring impact in the social sector.