Lights! Camera! Impact! From moving pictures to moving ideas

As part of the wider Venice International Film Festival celebrations, The Home of the Human Safety Net hosted a ground-breaking gathering of filmmakers and impact storytellers.

“Lights! Camera! Impact” brought together the worlds of filmmaking, human rights activism, and philanthropy in a unique medley by partnering up The Human Safety Net with Think-Film Impact Production and Vital Voices Global Partnership.

This evening, thematically, places itself at the centre of our For Refugees programme, which aims to integrate refugees through work and entrepreneurship.

As part of the Lights! Camera! Impact! programme, the Procuratie Vecchie – The Home of The Human Safety Net – on St Mark’s Square in Venice, opened its doors to a dialogue on how cinema can influence perceptions that can then influence behaviour. 

The dialogue opened with the Italian première of the short film “Portrait of a Stranger,” a collaboration between the UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) and award-winning filmmakers Platon and Anadil Hossain.


Anadil Hossain

“Stories build connections between communities and cultures, challenging the way we see the world and each other. Now more than ever, we need our collective imagination to make that connection more impactful.”

Tamara Kotevska, director of “The Walk,” shared a short clip of her upcoming documentary on the global sensation of Little Amal – the three-and-a-half-meter puppet of a Syrian refugee child who has toured the world, raising awareness of refugees. The director took part in a conversation led by Alyse Nelson, co-founder, president, and CEO of Vital Voices, on the power of women-led storytelling and collaboration. 

Alyse Nelson

“Over two decades of working with thousands of women leaders across 185 countries, we have seen first-hand the power of storytelling to break through seemingly intractable problems and connect us around solutions”.


Lights! Camera! Impact! was the chosen venue to introduce the new Collateral Impact Awards of the Venice Film Festival, a celebration of filmmakers who transform the way we see the world so we can make the changes needed for a more inclusive future. The same movie that won the Collateral Impact Award was also the Silver Lion winner at the Venice Film Festival, Matteo Garrone’s ‘Io Capitano.’ Just days before the award ceremony, our Home hosted a short screening and a debate on this incredible story of migrants criminalised as traffickers.