Are you ready for the 2023 Global Challenge?

In June, let’s team up for people

In June 2023, the 3rd edition Global Challenge of The Human Safety Net “TEAM-UP FOR PEOPLE” will be launched in 25 countries!

After the first two successful editions, the Global Challenge is already a tradition for thousands at Generali: every year, in June, all Generali people are proposed to TEAM UP and participate in the biggest global fundraising campaign. All funds collected go to our NGO partners in each country. They allow financing of new activities for families and refugees to strengthen their programmes.

The socio-economic difficulties raised during the last years drastically amplified the need for support. Therefore, the Human Safety Net community of our NGO partners rely on us.

The 3rd edition of the THSN Global Challenge will take place in June, with a kick-off on June 1st. This event is organized and coordinated by the 500 Ambassadors’ Teams community. THSN Ambassadors deploy incredible energy in each country to make it a success. 

The motto of the campaign for this year is “Team up for the people”. The concept is simple but the ambition is high: get each team and department of the company in all active countries to create their TEAM and engage their people to participate. 

Each team will receive three missions: 

  • Raise funds by activating their fundraising page amongst their family, friends and communities to ask for a donation - this is the most important mission.
  • Participate in the challenge organized in your country – that’s the moment of having fun together by raising a challenge together as a team.
  • Participate in the contest for the best picture of a team expressing “A Net in Action”. Everyone will be able to vote for the best picture of their country. Be creative and express your energy.

In June, for the Global Challenge, LET’S TEAM UP FOR PEOPLE!