Women find energy and hope for the future from interactive workshops

A programme in Indonesia is helping mothers realise their hopes and dreams for the future.

Workshops and other activities run by IBU Professional have helped 30,000 women all across the country, as well as abroad, by providing a community for mothers and prospective mothers who want to improve the quality of their relationships as mothers, women, and wives. 

In one of the programmes called “A” Home Team, participants make individual or family Vision Boards. Also known as a dream board, it is a visual representation of a person’s ambitions for themselves and serves as inspiration and motivation. It also provides a fun place to connect with family and discuss their hopes and dreams. It serves as a starting point for strengthening the family ties as they realise they have a shared dream. With the Vision Board, the next step for participants is to discuss how to achieve their dreams as a family and what role each family member plays. 

One of the participants, Ressy, wants to move to paid work after spending time as a stay-at-home mother. She said her family enjoys spending time together with hot tea and snacks and doing  various outside projects together.

After one session, participants were given the opportunity to share personal experiences about creating their Vision Board. This became an emotional session for everyone involved as every mother spoke of their family’s dreams for the future with new energy. 

“They seem to have new energy to move forward again. After participating in this “A” Home Team sharing, they again have hope for the future,” said a member of the Ibu Professional Team.