More than 2,500 volunteers from 23 countries joined the 2022 Global Challenge

With over € 250,000 raised, the challenge supports over 5,000 parents and children

For the 2nd year, The Human Safety Net organized the Global Challenge in June and also this time more than 2,500 volunteers from 23 countries raised challenges to collect money. 

The total amount raised, €250,000, will support our community of NGO partners in each of the 23 country and help more than 5,000 parents and children with specific projects, tools and activities.

Once a year, this event welcomes thousands of volunteers to express the power of being a movement of people helping people. Before and during the challenge, people have the chance to connect or re-connect to our mission, to the mothers, fathers, children and refugees we support in each country in partnership with the NGO partners.

At The Human Safety Net, the Global Challenge is a yearly message and commitment to continue and amplify our action. 
Under the official hashtags #THSNinaction #THSNGlobalchallenge2022 on social media, participants expressed their commitment to being active as a global movement of people helping people.

Our next Global Challenge will be in June 2023.