The Human Safety Net supported more than 87,000 beneficiaries in 2021 alone

Majority supported by the For Families programme

The Human Safety Net has greatly incrased its reach since its launch, from almost 7,000 beneficiaries in 2017 to more than 87,000 in 2021. In total, a cumulative 173,800 people have been helped around the world, with most being supported by the For Families programme. 

The Human Safety Net’s beneficiaries are either directly supported through programmes involving both parents and children, or indirectly, through parents-only programmes that are expected to have positive benefits upon their children.
The growth in the number of beneficiaries reflects the expansion of The Human Safety Net into 21 countries by 2020, up from five countries during the pilot. The foundation also launched its Scale Up Impact initiative in 2020, which has greatly accelerated the growth of its programmes around the world. 

Scale Up Impact is a multi-year strategy that aims to amplify The Human Safety Net’s social impact for the most vulnerable families and aspiring refugee entrepreneurs by providing financial and non-financial support to high-potential NGO projects that have the potential to expand their activities.