Back to in person volunteering

Since summer, volunteers in many countries had the chance to support directly NGO members, mothers, fathers and children.

The volunteering activity at The Human Safety Net has been increasing even during Covid pandemic, thanks to digital activations in many countries supporting families and refugees alike. Volunteering activities in person have blossomed since the Global Challenge is June.
Employees and agents got the chance to meet and exchange with the members of the NGOs, discuss and learn from them. They also got the opportunity to meet and interact directly with mothers, fathers and the little children. Volunteers did play and learn sessions, reading, and engaging in special activities for toddlers and children.
Lots of joy, enthusiasm and a feeling of giving and receiving among participants. A snapshot of the latest and more shared activities.

In Argentina, several agencies and volunteers throughout the country celebrated the Day of Children, bringing DIY activities and joy even in the most remote counties.

In Hong Kong, volunteers supported OneSky educators both for the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations and for the special Market Bay. They raised awareness, activated different game booths for 0-6 years kids, and got fun!



During the 54th edition of Barcolana regatta in Trieste, volunteers participated to the activities at the mobile Van of CSB, one of the NGO partners in Italy. Workshops with recycled materials, books and fundraising were the focus of the four days of activation, which thanks to the warm temperatures attracted hundreds of families

After two years, the Saturday Academy came back in person. The activity covered four marginalized communities supporting the early development of Indonesian children, with reading,  playing and other meaningful workshops.

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