"A World of Potential" has attracted over 20,000 visitors so far, and we met some of them

A surprising and unexpected journey to discover your own strengths, learn about the social impact of The Human Safety Net programmes and how you can take action

Since opening in mid-April, the new interactive exhibition "A World of Potential" has attracted more than 20,000 people. This unique exhibition is hosted at The Home of The Human Safety Net in St. Mark's Square, in the heart of Venice. 
"A World of Potential" leads visitors along a surprising and unexpected journey to discover their strengths and learn about the social impact of The Human Safety Net programmes and how they can take action. The Home of The Human Safety Net is also an open space for our partners that hold events to become a catalyst for the social innovation and ESG agenda in a city that aims to become the «World Capital of Sustainability». 

Suitable for visitors of all ages and focused on personal awareness, "A World of Potential" offers visitors a fun and playful experience to understand and connect with their character strengths while also enabling them to see the best qualities in the people around them. At the end of the interactive journey, visitors are proposed to become an actor in the movement. In fact, they can activate their entry ticket and donate half of the ticket price to support one of The Human Safety Net's programmes.

We recently met some of the visitors sharing their enthusiasm: Ana, a lady with long brown hair who lives in Barcelona and works in the art industry: "It's an exciting experience. Thanks to the interactive exhibition, I discovered that my strength is creativity. It is a lot of fun but also interesting to learn more about our strengths. I want to bring my family: my husband and my children, 14 and 17 years old. I think it will be an exciting experience for them too."

Whilst we walk through the interactive exhibition, we notice a group of smiling students. Alex, who lives in Turin, says to us: "I'm here with a group of friends. The most incredible experience? The Teamwork! We realised that teamwork is about harmony and the final surprise is priceless. I'll be back!"

The exhibition was conceived as a progression of experiences that lead visitors to discover their own potential starting from values such as creativity, perseverance, gratitude, curiosity, hope, social intelligence, and teamwork. These abstract concepts have been translated into 16 interactive installations, both analogue and digital, capable of engaging the most diverse audiences and generating reflection and self-analysis. 

At lunchtime, we exchange words with Flora, a citizen of Venice, while she's having lunch with some friends at the Illy Café just after her visit. She wishes to return with her grandchildren: "I was born in Venice and never entered the Procuratie Vecchie. We followed the restoration work all these years, and there was a lot of curiosity. I am happy to see how Generali has restored this space to its former glory. It was the right thing to do. I want to come back soon with my grandchildren, who unfortunately live in another city and experience the exhibition with them."

Before continuing his day towards Palazzo Ducale, Clemens, a young man living in Hamburg, told us: "To see how the space has been re-conceived by a great architect is really beautiful. I did not expect to find such a surprise in the heart of Venice. And the interactive exhibition is interesting: you leave knowing more about yourself."

The exhibition is open from Wednesday to Monday, 10 am to 7 pm. Generali employees and agents get a free entrance, whilst their companion enters at a reduced price.
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Ph credits: Lombezzi