The Human Safety Net is launching its 2nd Global Challenge, with a strong ambition ambition: TWICE THE IMPACT

It will take place in 23 countries from May 28th to June 12th and the money raised will directly support local projects

The Human Safety Net is launching the second edition of its Global Challenge, a worldwide volunteering fundraising activity involving all of Generali’s staff – and its ambition is to ensure the 23 national challenges have twice the impact as in 2021.

Volunteering is a key element of how The Human Safety Net amplifies the impact of our community of NGOs. Organised through a structured volunteering programme in each country, it values each individual contribution – whether it is time spent becoming involved, or sharing professional expertise. In 2021, approximately 1 in 10 Generali employees joined one of the volunteering programmes.

The Global Challenge happens once a year, in June, and celebrates Generali’s volunteering engagement with The Human Safety Net. It is an initiative that highlights the power we have when acting together as a global community in action.

The sums raised during the Global Challenge come on top of the existing financial support provided to our NGOs partners to run their activities throughout the year. In 2021, the Global Challenge raised close to €250,000, enabling an additional 19 projects to be financed.

The 500 volunteers from The Human Safety Net’s Ambassador community are coordinating the different events in their countries. It is a long process and preparation started a few months ago.

It starts with the evaluation of the projects each country is willing to finance through the Global Challenge. To be validated, a project must be concrete, must have a real impact on people and must be deployed before the end of the year. This process is coordinated with local NGOs and The Human Safety Net’s core team.

The second step is to propose the National Challenge project to evaluation teams from Generali. This includes a number of different steps of design, testing, validation and preparation of the fundraising platforms.

In just a few days, recruitment of Generali teams around the world will begin. All is set and we are ready to make it a hugely impactful edition! We plan to double the amount of money raised and so double the impact for the people we support around the world.

Build your team and join the Global Challenge 2022. It is happening now!