‘A World of Potential’ to explore in the Procuratie Vecchie

Visitors to the renovated historic building embark on a journey to discover their personal potential through a new immersive and interactive exhibition

A new immersive and interactive exhibition in the renovated Procuratie Vecchie will enable visitors to connect with their personal potential and character strengths while also allowing them to see the best qualities in the people around them. 

The inspiration and thinking behind the exhibition, ‘A World of Potential’, is that every person is full of potential and has the right to express it. It was conceived by Orna Cohen, co-founder of Dialogue Social Enterprise, which creates immersive exhibitions and workshops worldwide to foster empathy and openness towards other ways of living, cultures, and values. The exhibit and multimedia design are from Italian firm Migliore + Servetto.

The exhibits are based on the Values in Action (VIA) system, inspired by the work of Dr Martin Seligman, father of ‘positive psychology, a scientific study of how human beings best flourish. 
The VIA methodology is a way to express human potential and classifies 24 different strengths and six universal virtues. As visitors progress through the exhibits, they explore 14 of these values, chosen for their intrinsic connection with The Human Safety Net’s mission.

These 14 values are: Curiosity, Perseverance, Creativity, Hope, Social Intelligence, Gratitude, Teamwork, Leadership, Appreciation of beauty, Honesty, Bravery, Perspective, Humility, and Kindness.

A series of interactive stations, each dedicated to one of the above ‘Values in Action’ (VIA), guides visitors to discover their strengths. 

Towards the end of the exhibition, visitors will also meet some of the people of The Human Safety Net’s community virtually. Fathers, mothers, refugees, volunteers, and members of the NGO will share how understanding their own character strengths has benefited both their professional and private lives and allowed them to make a positive impact in their communities. 

Finally, the exhibition aims to encourage visitors to engage with and even join the global movement, if they wish.