Welcome to the 2024 Global Challenge in Bulgaria

Last year altogether we collected 450.000€, how high we want to go this year?

Discover what we are doing this year thanks to the Global Challenge

Hong Kong

Facilitated play sessions for 200 families with trained Family Mentors who will demonstrate best practices as well as interactive training classes for parents and caregivers.  



Offer scholarships to 300 children living in vulnerable circumstance to attend the summer in Madrid and Barcelona.


Promote learning through play for 2,500 children in 13 projects throughout Germany. Through indoor and outdoor games and play equipment, we support healthy physical and cognitive development.


Offer a beautiful summer program for 900 children from the ‘Učenie pre život’ project. They will experience trips, activities, attend theatre shows, go to Zoo and much more.


Allow 200 children from our NGO partners to go to a summer camp for three days


Continue to support  33 Ora di Futuro/ THSN Family Centers throughout Italy, such as workshops on reading, food education, and creative recycling to 500 vulnerable families; workshops on parenting education to 150 families; educational trips for 150 children


Provide 1,000 Indonesian children with specific post-vaccination nutrition packs and help 1,000 family members to achieve family resilience by providing educational modules, supported by NGO partners HOPE worldwide and Ibu Professional respectively


Provide warm and nutritious meals for the children of at least 50 families with our special packages containing a menu, recipes and all the ingredients of dishes for one month.


Provide 600kg of whole milk for the 50 children attending Colonia Dora’s Center, in Santiago del Estero, and complete the external playground for more than 150 children in La Plata with sensory and inclusive games.


Support parents and caregivers of deaf children by donating special equipment and promoting the Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


Providing Ration & Wash kits for at least 100 families during the summer.


Offer “Active Holidays for Happy Children” in the Slovenian mountains to children from the most vulnerable families this summer.


100 families will get the possibility to enjoy different and meaningful leisure activities, to get new perspectives and valuable experiences for their children


Donate all kind of plastic waste that will be transformed into school chairs, garbage bins and even community benches for the benefit of the most vulnerable families we support.