Join one of the Ambassadors Team 2021

Do you want to be part of the first global Ambassadors team for 2021? 

Are you willing to activate the power of Generali for the most vulnerable?

In order to bring forward our engagement for the community, The Human Safety Net is deploying new Ambassadors teams in every country. Their mission will be to drive the movement and multiply the impact.

As an Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to express your passion and join a local and global community of highly engaged colleagues for one year.

What are you waiting for?


In country, The Human Safety Net is active with XX program since 2018. We work together with Partner 1, 2,3 to support vulnerable families with young children/ integrate refugees into the society via work/ support babies born too soon or with complications at birth.

We have the ambition to bring our contribution in COUNTRY to the next level and amplify the impact. To make this happen, we are building four Ambassadors teams, each with a specific one-year mission.

Explore below to discover more, be inspired by the message from NAME (volunteer/ volunteering coordinator to be specified), choose your team and apply!

Which team would you like to apply for?

The content creators 
You are the official journalist team of THSN in your country and create the visual and written content to cover the activities of your country programs (volunteering activities, beneficiary stories, NGO presentation, internal fundraising activities,…)
You follow closely the plan of activities of your country and ensure presence of one of the team at each important country THSN activity (internal or external) to capture and tell a story through photos, videos and interviews.
You support the internal ambassadors’ team to create engaging content and visuals so they can build awareness and keep THSN visible and lively for your colleagues.

Example of activities: 

  • Be the journalist covering events both online and in person
  • Story tell NGOs stories and report about volunteering activities, 
  • Create stories of beneficiaries
  • Take pictures, write texts, produce short videos to be published on the volunteering platform or country communications channels (internal, SM, external)


The visibility amplifiers 
You create ideas, moments or activities to keep THSN lively in the organization, proposing and implementing a plan to bring THSN visible in daily life of employees and agents.
You regularly update messages and videos on the various internal communications tools (email, offices etc) to ensure connection with latest news and visualize successes and positive impact for the community.
You make sure employees receive and are aware of the THSN activities by resharing and disseminating the information.
You also work in connection with journalist and fundraising ambassador team.

Examples of activities: 

  • organize monthly conferences/ webinars with the NGO staff, 
  • invite a beneficiary to tell her/his story, 
  • dedicate 1 meeting room in THSN
  • propose to fundraising ambassadors’ team to set-up a Christmas market, 
  • activate internal volunteering activities like book collection for kids, build a THSN runner team

The donors’ seekers 
You propose and coordinate the annual fundraising plan in order to meet the yearly objective.
You integrate and activate all types of fundraising activities: digital and physical or both
You interact with many internal stakeholders (marketing, events, HR, agents ambassador stream) to present your ideas and get their support
You also work in connection with fundraising ambassador team

Example of activities: 

  • propose public fundraising in connection to sponsoring activities like Marathon, employees fundraising with payroll giving, 
  • support all internal initiatives from employees to collect money (Christmas market, sales of waffle, a THSN dish at the canteen including 1euro for THSN,..), 
  • support the annual Global volunteering Challenge, 
  • coordinate customer fundraising in coordination with the agent ambassadors’ team

The customer activators of THSN agents
You are the official THSN team to define and validate all THSN activities for the Sales Networks (agents, brokers, branches). You prepare the yearly plan for your peers with a main objective: activate and engage our customers for THSN via fundraising activities.
You act as the main contact and represent THSN in front of your peers. You present the actions and engage them during national and regional meeting. You propose national and individual engagement activities to help the engaged agents network to act as visible actor of THSN in their community.
You build and activate a network of “engaged agents” for your country.

Example of activities:

  • Organize national or county collection of toys or books,
  • propose fundraising campaign for their clients, 
  • Facilitate adapted product offering including possibility for donation

Don’t miss out!

Last day to apply is October 30, 2020, 7pm.

Are you in? Let us know!

Being of ambassadors’ team community is an important engagement. When applying, you commit yourself to be an active member of your team for a period of 1 year.

Need more info?

Contact: THSN core team, name surname, email

HR team, name surname and email