Since joining the programme, I have learned to better communicate with my son

Motherhood is not typically taught, so the Mother Support Programme with ACEV helped me a lot.

I am Elif Arslan, a mother of two children - a five-year-old son and a one-year-old daughter.

I heard about the Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV) from people I know and decided to join the Mother Support Programme. I have been participating for six weeks and have found it to be very beneficial.

Motherhood is not typically taught, so the programme has helped me a lot. I can talk with other mothers and learn from their experiences. I have realized that there are areas in which I need to pay more attention, such as communication with my son.
Before, when he asked many questions, I would tell him to leave me alone because I had work to do. However, now I have learned to communicate better and spend more quality time with him.

Additionally, I have also learned the importance of involving my family in household tasks. This is important for teaching our children the value of teamwork and working together. Furthermore, my son has also benefited from the programme as he has learned how to handle his behaviour better. He has even asked me what the rules are at home, as he is used to following them at the Foundation.
He enjoys his time at the Foundation and is proud of what he has accomplished there with his friends.

Elif, a mother supported by AÇEV in Turkey.