The meetings are helpful, my twins are happy and I always get lot of new insights to support their growth

Mirka lives in České Budějovice (Czech Republic). When her twins were born after just 26 weeks, Nadace’s Leontika programme supported the family, helping the children grow, develop and thrive.

“My name is Mirka and my twin children Adám and Barunka were born at 26 weeks. When I finally came home from the hospital, I was advised to contact Early Intervention. I was hesitant at first because I thought that these services were only provided for children with severe disabilities. But we’re very happy we were able to take this opportunity, because this has made the children calmer and more cooperative.

An Early Intervention specialist started to come regularly to our house, teaching me how to gently stimulate my child and help him achieve basic developmental milestones like turning around, pushing up with his arms while lying on his belly, or training his vision with special developmental toys lent by
Nadace Leontika. The meetings are helpful. The children are happy and I always get lot of new information and insights. Thanks to this programme, we were able to diagnose vision problems for both children. Barunka got her first glasses when she was one, and I am sure that without Early Intervention’s help it would have taken a lot longer to diagnose these difficulties. In the beginning Adam didn’t display any signs of vision impairment. Ultimately with Early Intervention’s help we discovered he needs glasses and has eight dioptres in each eye. Our specialist helped us understand and follow the doctor’s instructions and take advantage of other services. I am really thankful.