Empowers refugees to become successfull entrepreneurs

This program empowers refugees, helping them become successful entrepreneurs. Together with our international coalition of partners, we’re helping refugees start businesses that enable them to build new livelihoods, contribute to the local economy and restore personal dignity.

Build your own business!

The Human Safety Net’s program for Refugee Start-Ups is designed to help you start your own business. Whether you are based in Munich with Social Impact Lab, or in Paris with Singa, you will be able to:

  • Learn the basics of entrepreneurship
  • Develop your business ideas and business plan
  • Test your ideas in special workshops
  • Connect with experts who can help you develop your business

And if you join our incubation program, you will:

  • Have access to Co-working spaces where you can develop your ideas
  • Be assigned a dedicated individual advisor
  • Get the chance to network and exchange with other startups, experts, mentors and volunteers
  • Be offered a convenient loan through our partnership
  • The program is free of charge. A certificate of attendance can be provided at each step of the program.