Welcome to the 4th edition of the Global Challenge

26 countries will join the 2024 edition with a great ambition: to BEAT LAST YEAR RESULT of €450000 collected. Every contribution gathered in each country directly aids the local NGO partners of The Human Safety Net, facilitating the inception of new initiatives for families and refugees.

Discover what we are doing this year thanks to the Global Challenge


With the symbolic purchase of a bottle of milk, you can donate a glass of milk to children up to 5 years old for proper growth and development, and provide games and materials for stimulation and early attention for children up to 6 years old to encourage their integral development.


The Global Challenge 2024 will help our partnership to reach more children and families. Making the toy libraries available to these children will support their physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development.


Allow 15 single-parent families to a four-day educational trip.

Czech Republic

Allow a hundred families to join a two-weeks summer educational camp to learn how to boost their courage and overcome obstacles. Additionally, support 43 children to attend a weekend therapy workshop


Give the opportunity to families from our Family Centres to go on an educational holiday to reduce presure on children and parents.


Support reading aloud activities in 33 locations in Germany aimed at families to learn how to include reading in their daily life and get added value out of it in different dimensions of children development.

Hong Kong

Provide 500 families a unique opportunity to connect with nature through fun and educational activities and improve family bonds.


Support 45 families to go to an educational summer camp for one week with workshops for children and parents.


Allow 500 families to strenghten their family bond with a special board game.


Support 500 families to participate in educational activities (excursions, theatre , museums visits..) throughout the year.


Create a functional and easy to use website template  to maximise visibility of refuge entrepeneurs.


Provide 80 children living in underserved communities with early education.


Provide art materials and sports equipment to help fostering the Physical and Social well-being of students of a chosen school.


Provide 50 vulnerable families with the opportunity to go to a summer camp with activities aimed at strenghtening the family bond.


Provide 150 families vulnerable families a day-out with activities that promote children's development, develops their confidence and strengthens family ties. 


Organise summer activities for children in rural areas aimed at early skills development.


Organise a one week summer trip to the mountains for 40 vulnerable families and offer them a full programme of educational activities and the chance to expand their network.


Support a summer camp for 300 vulnerable and non-vulnerable families in order positively stimulate and to expand the social network of the vulnerable families.


Support eight children from vulnerable families to attend an educational summer camp.


Allow 400 children from our Family Centres to attend summer camp during their parents working hours, providing those children with healty nutrition and a safe environment.


Offer theater workshops for 200 children living in vulnerable circumstances in order to help them overcome stressful situations. We also offer 400 families in difficult situations a safe space where they can meet and receive support three times a week.


Discover hidden talents of people living in vulnerable conditions by offering 500 children skill development classes during the summer.