Changemakers in Venice: Ashoka Europe Leaders Summit at The Home of The Human Safety Net

Ashoka leaders from across Europe have gathered at The Home of The Human Safety Net in Venice for a three-day strategic thinking session.

We're honoured to have hosted this meeting of minds from an organisation like Ashoka, which is recognised worldwide for its work with social entrepreneurs with whom we have collaborated for six years. Ashoka fellows lead some of The Human Safet Net partners, and we are glad this can also be their Home.

One of the central discussions was around giving a sense of agency to the people, as Marie Ringler from Ashoka said: "When we bring people a sense of agency when we allow them to step into their power when they understand how important their change-making is for the world, then all these questions around a potential problem, they become much easier to digest. Then, you feel a sense of control because you can co-create the world with others.