Forging Forward with Courage in Germany

Inspiration and tips for fellow refugees to create a successful start-up

Inspiration and tips for fellow refugees to create a successful start-up.

When Fadi Zaim takes the stage to address a group of more than fifty refugees, journalists and social workers, he hardly looks like a man who escaped war and devastation just four short years ago: his smile is infectious, his words inspiring.

Zaim tells the audience how, after leaving Syria, he and his mother, Salma Al Armachi and his sister Lana Zaim created Jasmin Catering in Berlin, a catering service that has become popular with businesses and private citizens alike. Their goal was to share not only fine food, but also a little Syrian culture with their clients.

"Be courageous and confident," said Zaim to the group of fellow refugees hoping to replicate his success. "Your own talents and experience give you great potential to become successful entrepreneurs too. Germany is looking for resourceful risk-takers and optimistic, hands-on creators!"

The event was hosted by Social Impact Lab in Munich, THSN partner for the Refugee Start-Ups programme in Germany that supports refugees by providing co-working spaces, training and coaching sessions, and access to a wide range of business contacts.

"Everything may seem complicated and difficult at first," said Zaim, "but once you start to understand the system, it all makes sense. Everything is well-structured in Germany, and things will work out fine in the end!"

Christoph Zeckra, THSN’s Program Manager in Germany, closed the talk announcing plans to continue this sort of event, providing other refugees with a chance to benefit from The Human Safety Network.