Wintegreat: 3 tipi di volontari per superare 3 ostacoli all'integrazione professionale del rifugiato

Discover how Wintegreat combines 3 types of volunteers to successfully overcome 3 barriers to refugee business integration.

Wintegreat is one of The Human Safety Net Partners in France, acting in the program For Refugee Start-Ups. They developed a unique approach combining 3 types of volunteers to overcome 3 barriers. The “buddy” helps on everyday issues, mainly with the barrier of language. The “coach” helps to overcome the barrier of social and cultural connections, supporting the refugee with administrative tasks, finding a training course or a job. The “mentor” helps to overcome the barrier of credibility helping the refugee to create a business plan. This approach, combined with the academic base, is why Wintegreat successfully implemented its program in 10 major schools and universities since 2015. Watch the video to learn more.