The Blossoming of Potential
Arthur Duff

Through one of his distinctive languages, the unprecedented creation of a laser system, with "The Hungriest Eye. The Blossoming of Potential" Arthur Duff creates a variety of new, personalized and transient forms and compositions that engage the visitor's thought and eye.

Drawing inspiration from the history of vision, of the ephemeral and the wonderful – such as the extraordinary 19th century Japanese woodblock prints depicting fireworks – and bringing them back to the present time through a kaleidoscope of light, what we have is a striking metaphor for the link between the eye, us human beings and our potential.

Through Duff's hungry eye, each visitor can discover the representation of their own strengths, such as have emerged from the "A World of Potential" exhibition. It is through dialogue between people, enhanced by the new perspective given by the lens of art, that the artist restores the uniqueness of these strength, his message being that everyone has potential.

Arthur Duff lives and works in Vicenza and teaches at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts and Boston University. In recent years he has created numerous urban-scale works in Shanghai, Seoul, Basel, Prague and several Italian cities including Rome (MACRO Museum). In 2022, he presented the important work 'Light Cycles' at the MAXXI Museum in Rome.