Teaching-learning material provided in all the Anganwadi centers

To keep the children engaged, all the kids from all the 24 centre’s get teaching-learning materials!

When children are between 3-6 years of age, their language, social-emotional and cognitive skills are rapidly expanding. During this period, learning largely comes through various forms of play, including reading, singing, and interacting with peers and caring adults at home. Quality early education settings are critical to all children’s holistic development. 

As our project interventions are aimed at helping children develop through ECE interventions, teaching-learning material was provided to the anganwadi centers under Project Ankur in Khammam. 

The kit, carefully curated to encompass all domains of development, contained toys that would developmentally and culturally suit the children enrolled at the anganwadis. The kit included building blocks, stacking toys, shape sorters and puzzles for cognitive development. Toys like dolls, puppets help develop children’s social and language skills. To aim at children’s physical development, slides, pull and push toys, peg boards and more were included in the kit.