Learn how Ashiwini turned into a smart mother

Ashwini becomes a smart mother and helps in making other mothers smart too!

Ashwini and Chandrashekar reside in Kamraj Nagar, Ghatkopar. They have a daughter, Annapurna, who is currently studying in class 2nd. COVID 19 pandemic  started a difficult chapter in the family’s lives. Due to the unanticipated lockdown in the year 2020, Chandrashekhar who used to sell juice for a living had to stop his business due to the restrictions imposed. It was a very tough time for them and a time of great agony. To meet the ends, Ashwini and Chandrashekhar, started running a business in their homes and would sell organic jaggery and Puranpolis (Sweet Flatbread). Due to this, the family could not pay attention to the child’s education.Ashwini and Chandrashekhar were made part of the Parent Education Program by the local Pratham staff. They were added to the groups wherein videos and worksheets for children were sent.

This was followed by workshops, in which the Pratham team would explain how the activities have to be conducted with the children. Ashwini is proactive and always attends the workshops. Whenever she is unable to attend one or doesn’t understand the activity, she makes sure that she understands what was covered and asks for help from the team.

The team would conduct the activity in front of her so that she could understand it by herself. These activities would further be done by Ashwini with Annapurna at home.

Ashwini could see the progress in Annapurna. Annapurna was able to perform activities like counting, reading letters, and identifying shapes and colors, using the idea cards that were shared with her mother.

Ashwini believes that “…If we teach Annapurna using the Pratham model of learning, she would see great progress in her…”. Now that Ashwini is a ‘smart Mother’ she not only engages with her own child but also has the responsibility of helping other mothers when they are in need.