Anthropometric equipment is now made available in all the Anganwadi centers

Children & women of the 24 adopted Anganwadi centre’s will now not be deprived of regular checks!

Anthropometric measurements are regularly taken at the anganwadis for women and children. Nutritional status is the best indicator of global well-being. In India, malnutrition among children remains a significant problem with many children under 5 years of age being stunted and underweight.

To break the cycle of malnutrition, and reduce the mortality caused by nutritional deficiencies, it is essential to reach out to children, pregnant women, and lactating mothers. The Integrated Child Development Scheme uses its vast network to monitor children’s growth by anthropometric checks at monthly intervals. This aids in the early recognition of malnutrition and the implementation of required corrective measures. 

Since March 2020, the Anganwadi workers across the country are on frontline duty to help with COVID-19 developments and vaccinations within their villages. Though the Early Childhood Education activities are on halt, THR, vaccinations and other anthropometric checks have continued to ensure the well-being of women and children. 

As these monthly checks are critical for the children and women enrolled at the anganwadis, the adopted centers in Ranchi and Khammam were supported with weighing scales for the same. This support ensures that children are at a reduced risk of malnutrition, anemia, and stunted growth. This also safeguards children against stunting and the possibility of missing out on their developmental milestones.