Support Ukraine’s families and children

The funds collected will support UNICEF’s Child and Family Support Hubs in the coming weeks and months

As the Ukrainian crisis escalates, estimates by the United Nations and refugee organizations put the number of people fleeing their homes at over 500,000 – and said this figure could quickly grow to a few million. Families, especially those with young children, need urgent help.

In line with our Purpose and commitment to supporting the communities when they need it the most, Generali has decided to create an Emergency Fund to support refugee programmes at the forefront of the humanitarian response in Ukraine and to launch a global employee fundraising campaign. By leveraging the network of The Human Safety Net, all funds will be deployed to support UNICEF in the work that it will carry out in the coming weeks and months addressing impacted families with children. The donations collected will be matched by Generali.

UNICEF will activate Child and Family Support Hubs (known as “Blue Dots”), which have successfully been put in place in past emergencies. The initiative aims to create safe spaces for families, where children are provided with fun activities, protection, and psychological and material assistance. It is possible to take part in these fundraising efforts to support those affected by the conflict through this

Thank you for your support!