Refugee Start-Ups

Helping refugees flourish as entrepreneurs to integrate them into their host countries

Millions of refugees have arrived in Europe in recent years, many of whom have the skills, the passion and the resilience to be successful entrepreneurs. Integrating people through work is vital to welcoming them into wider society and will benefit all of us and our whole economies in the future. 

Refugees have the talent and resilience to build successful businesses – but they need dedicated support.

But refugees also face special challenges when they start their journey to launch new businesses. Many find themselves confronted with complex regulations, a new culture and an unfamiliar business environment. Most lack the networks and resources for making their dream a reality. This new generation of entrepreneurs needs dedicated support. 

Training, Coaching, Access to working spaces and Financing

The Human Safety Net for Refugee Start-Ups program works side-by-side with refugees to realize their business ideas through training, coaching, and access to working spaces and financing. Over 6-12 months, we support aspiring entrepreneurs to develop concrete business plans, register their ventures and start serving their first customers. They get the opportunity to learn about the business environment in their host countries and to strengthen their networks by meeting new colleagues, mentors and business partners. And if entrepreneurship is not the right path for participants, the program offers them professional training and hands-on coaching for jobs needed in their communities. 

Today, entrepreneurs supported by The Human Safety Net are setting up businesses that range from restaurants to consulting firms, from language schools to IT platforms. They are contributing to making their local economies thrive.


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