Saving babies from asphyxia at birth

With The Human Safety Net for Newborns, we want to save the lives of newborns from a devastating problem at birth called asphyxia.
In Europe alone each year, this disease affects more than 30,000 newborns, resulting in 5,000 deaths and leaving many handicapped for the rest of their life. In parts of Asia, asphyxia tragically affects more than 150,000 newborns each year.
Through this programme, we will work with the medical community and parents to improve prevention and treatment for this disease. The program is active in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Thailand.

Providing health professionals and parents with more information and resources to improve early diagnosis and reaction time.

Identifying technology and protocols for early diagnosis and treatment while building networks of doctors for monitoring, analysis and intervention.

Contributing high-quality protocols and machines to cool babies and prevent organ damage – currently the best, but most expensive treatment.