Generali Spain is firmly dedicated to promote equal opportunities for children living in poverty. In Spain, over two million children are under risk of social exclusion and poverty. 80% of these children will remain poor throughout their lives. Research has proved that the first six years of a children´s life are the most sensible for cognitive development shaping their future achievements. It is critical that we focus our resources to help families to be conscious about the importance of the education from early childhood.

Parents play a key role in achieving this goal. Therefore supporting them as they educate and care for their children is key, helping them to improve their parenting skills and act as positive influence on the youngest members of their families.

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The program

The two organizations support a total of 170 families:

  • Itaca: 50 families
  • Fundacion Tomillo 120 families

Fundación Tomillo
Associació Educativa Itaca

Local activities

This project is active in Madrid and supported by Fundación Tomillo.

The Human Safety Net has partnered with Fundación Tomillo in Madrid  to support disadvantage families with children aged from 0 to 6.

Tomillo has more than 30 years of experience in the development and education of vulnerable poor families in suburbs in the south of Madrid.

Our project involves 150 families, focusing on nutritional education, healthy habits, proper sleep, hygiene and play activities to provide educational workshops where families can learn and interact.

This project is active in Barcelona and supported by Associaió Educativa Itaca.

The Human Safety Net and Associació Educativa Itaca join efforts to develop a safe family home to help parents improve their parental skills and promote equal opportunities for children.

Itaca has spent 42 years working with children and young kids with high risk of social exclusion and sever poverty, and for the last 10 years developing a program for children up to 6 years, in two neighborhoods of Hospitalet de Llobregat in Barcelona.

We support 50 families, offering different activities and workshops to strengthen the confidence and security of the families in the parenting process, with activities on health, hygiene, nutrition, child development and play.