Welcome on board Hungary!

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Posted 08 Aug 2018

Hungary has joined The Human Safety movement supporting the For Newborns program, actively striving to save babies from asphyxia at birth.

At the end of July Hungary kicked-off The Human Safety Net with a great support from the employees and top management of Generali Hungary.

Hungary decided to support the program For Newborns, aimed at helping the most vulnerable ones in our society, fighting against newborn asphyxia by spreading and raising awareness on the illness, providing training and necessary tools to the medical community working on the field, with the potential to save and improve the lives of thousands of newborns around the world every year.

Generali Hungary CEO Mihály Erdős proudly commented: “I am thrilled that Hungary is one of the first countries to join The Human Safety Net. I encourage all the attendees of our kick-off event to be our best ambassadors and spread the news. We have a huge responsibility to start and keep alive this movement in our country. I know the sensitivity of our local communities to similar topics, and I trust that this global initiative will have a positive reception. I believe that together we can become a real human safety net for those in need, lifting them to a brighter future.”

About 20 participants from communication, marketing, human resources, sales, facility management and real estate departments created a great atmosphere and set up an ambitious, promising and colorful plan on how to run The Human Safety Net in the country.

More to follow on future developments in Hungary!