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#buildingthehome - Inside the Procuratie Vecchie with Simone BemporadIn this place, we will have our people, our partners to come together and work, and create new ideas, create new ventures and make sure that we can enlarge the net." Simone Bemporad, board member of The Human Safety Net and Generali Communications and Public Affairs Director, guides us in a preview of the auditorium and the exhibit inside the Procuratie Vecchie in Venice, the future home of The Human Safety Net.

I thought I had all the keys to start a businessCarlos is a social entrepreneur originally from Colombia and created Populaire Café with a couple of friends to promote, fairly traded, farmers coffee from his country of origin. He got support from La Ruche, The Human Safety Net Refugee Start-Up partner in France to improve its social business model, and realized they need to invest more in marketing. When the pandemic hit 90% of their business base made of restaurants and cafès, they started to find new sources of income to survive during lockdown. Now they deliver their fair trade coffee all around Paris by bike, helping other refugees along the way.

By helping others, we learn a lot!

#buildinghthehome - Inside the restoration of Procuratie VecchieSpecialised workers, building engineers, project architects, art restorers, ancient knowledge, modern tools, human passion: discover the progress of a respectful restoration inside the Procuratie Vecchie in St. Marks Square in Venice. At the end of 2021 this will become our home, a place open to everyone willing to positively impact on the lives of people living in vulnerable contexts worldwide. #buildingthehome #THSNInAction

The most vital human needs consist in being heard, and having access to equal opportunities

Three years of THSNDiscover more about THSN in this dialogue on the three-year anniversary of this movement of people helping people.

Lots of entrepreneurs have had to reinvent themselves, and they’ve managed to do it When lockdown hit Paris, both Carlos and Sina had to reinvent their work: as a social entrepreneur, Carlos and his colleagues needed to find new sources of income while Sina, who is in charge of the incubator for refugee entrepreneurs in Montreuil worked out how to keep supporting their 26 start-ups even if the incubator was closed. Listen to their voice or read the full interview here.

We are all going through this unique experience, and we need to find solutions togetherWhen lockdown started Noémie and her team needed to “invent” new ways to maintain the relationship with the families they help at the family center. They managed to do this creating a What’s App group, ensuring families are regularly contacted and keeping on with the routine as much as possible, including celebrating birthdays. Have a look at the full interview with Noemie, in charge of the Maison de Familles in Vaulx-en-Valin, one of The Human Safety Net Families partners in France.

Hong Kong joins the movementThe journey has begun! In June, Generali Hong Kong and Generali Asia with THSN NGO partner OneSky held the THSN kick-off meeting, marking the beginning of THSN for Families program activities. Hong Kong is the 22nd country joining The Human Safety Net.

Families can find in our program a kind of a safe place

Join us as a digital volunteer because each one's grain of sand can contribute to make the changeOur volunteers are creating a digital library of activities to keep contact with families during these times, and ensure the continuity of the programs.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that no one is left behindDespair, and a deep loneliness that was already there before 14th of March is now much greater, and much more difficult to bear for the vulnerable families. This is what Felipe, who leads THSN partner ITACA activities in the outskirts of Barcelona, says about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. In cities that were built to be consumed and not to be lived, what these families and their children need most is information, help to cover their basic needs but also psychological and educational support.

Vulnerable families are in a worse situation than before, and we wish to stay on their sideEven in the post-lock-down period, the needs of the vulnerable families are the same, but their situation is getting worse day after day. That's why Laurent, who leads Intermèdes Robinson activities in the southern Parisian region, says: 'We could not stop our activities. On the contrary, we had to multiply them. We focus on the essential needs: food, basic hygiene materials, and products for babies.'

Refugee entrepreneurs just keep going because they are used to difficult situationsBecause they are used to fight against bad circumstances, entrepreneurs with a refugee background have an ability and the mindset to overcome the most adverse circumstances. Olaf, head of the Social Impact Lab in Munich and THSN partner for Refugee Start-Ups in Germany is optimistic. He thinks that it might take more time for refugee entrepreneurs to understand if their business works, but they will make it also through this challenge.

Our refugee entrepreneurs miss each other and our networking events. They also miss laughing, and we miss it too!We talked to Stefanie, Project Manager at FITT gGmbh in Germany, who explained how COVID-19 outbreak had impacted their work. To continue supporting refugees to create their own business, FITT rapidly reorganized its activities online and provided help to all entrepreneurs. With the hope of being able to laugh together soon. Watch the video to learn more.

#buildingthehome: meet the restorers of Procuratie VecchieYou should let everyone appreciate it without altering it". Giving new life to a work of art requires a team effort, skills, and passion. Meet the team engaged in the restoration of Procuratie Vecchie, the centuries-old building in Piazza San Marco in Venice that will become our home, within a renovation project directed by David Chipperfield Architects


#THSNinAction update

If my kids are happy, so am IWhen Sandra realized she and her children needed some extra help, she got support from The Human Safety Net and their partner ELTERN-AG.

All together for a better tomorrow.Best wishes for 2020

Building our Home in VeniceWe are working to build our home in Venice. A place for people helping people, all over the world. And we’re getting ready to welcome you. Stay tuned to discover more.

Jeroo Billimoria on social entrepreneurshipJeroo Billimoria, one of the world’s leading change makers, talks about successful social entrepreneurship and impactful collaboration.

Interview with Nicola Crosta on Impact PhilanthropyImpact Philanthropy is a key force for civic engagement, social innovation and sustainable development, says Nicola Crosta, CEO of Impact46

Wintegreat: 3 types of volunteers to support refugee business integrationWintegreat, one of our partners in France, combines 3 types of volunteers to overcome 3 barriers to refugee business integration.

All together to amplify our impactClosing video of the 2019 Global NetWorks Event in Venice with 40 NGOs from 20 countries, change-makers, Generali employees and volunteers.

Second NetWorks Event - Coming back together to expand our impactAnnouncing the 2nd Global NetWorks Event in Venice, 18-20 Sept 2019, to connect, share and amplify our impact on communities around the world

Parents deserve flowers!Discover how the ELTERN-AG program in Germany supports parents to get out of their isolation and feel empowered in their children’s education.

My children deserve the bestAna, a mother of two children, joined for Families program in Indonesia and positively transformed her life and the future of her children.

I’m not afraid anymoreWhen she realised she and her children needed some extra help, Rosalia got support from L’Albero della Vita, one of THSN partners in Italy.

If you don’t find a job, create your ownLeen, a Syrian refugee, was able to start her own business. Thanks to our partner SINGA, she hosts special architecture tours in Paris.

Interview with Ahmad Sufian Bayram, on refugee business integrationSocial entrepreneur Ahmad Sufian Bayram talks about challenges and solutions to refugees’ entrepreneurship

The home of The Human Safety Net in the heart of VeniceWe are building our home in the heart of Venice. It will be for everyone who wants to positively impact on the lives of vulnerable people worldwide.