Learning for Fun

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Posted 24 Sep 2018

Over 600 people including families and La Caja volunteers take part in the “Family Playing” community fair in Buenos Aires.

Laughing couples stumble into one another, bound together in Siamese twin t-shirts. Children and their parents help each other race through an obstacle course, or work together as teams to overcome game challenges. Everywhere there’s laughter, simple conversation, smiles…

With the help of volunteers from La Caja, families in Buenos Aires enjoyed a day spent learning and playing together, promoting values like unity, respect and sharing.

The event is an embodiment of The Human Safety Net’s core values, and was organized La Caja’s Marketing and External Communication and Human Resources departments, as well as The Human Safety Net and the Emmanuel Foundation. Volunteers from La Caja and the foundation cooked for the families and provided entertainment throughout the day. The festival was announced through newspapers and via radio, and broadcasted live, minute-by-minute over social networks.

“It’s an initiative that reinforces the value of families. We’re creating another opportunity to meet, enjoy each other’s company, get to know each other and learn together,” said Carla Ponce, The Human Safety Net program manager at La Caja. “This way we’re aiming to strengthen families, accompanying and supporting them as their children develop.”

The day ended with an awards ceremony during which certificates of recognition were awarded to those who attended Positive Child Raising and Skill workshops, both programs funded by The Human Safety Net and developed at the Emmanuel Foundation.