For Families Expands Across France

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Posted 10 Sep 2018

As part of a For Families program initiative to open nine family centers around France, The Human Safety Net and the GPMA association inaugurate the Home of The Human Safety Net in Brest.

What better initiative for disadvantaged families than giving parents a place to meet, share and learn, and providing their children with safe spaces for play and education?

A new plan set out by The Human Safety Net and France’s GPMA association is designed to have a concrete impact on the lives of disadvantaged people across the country. The new “Maison des parents” in Brest, located right in the heart of the city’s Bellevue district, opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by top Generali management, leading representatives of GPMA and local city officials.

The center provided lunch and hosted roughly thirty families for the occasion, giving children a chance to make balloon animals, play badminton, participate in origami workshops and more.

It was in some ways a flagship initiative: eight other, similar centers will open across France over the course of 2018-2019, with the next inauguration scheduled for the center in Mulhouse on 26 September. 

Each of these “family spaces” will provide parent support workshops, activities designed to promote interaction with children and teaching sessions and training designed to improve quality of life for these families and help give their children a head start for the future.

What better way to spark positive change for disadvantaged families around France?