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Italy joins the movement

Educating today’s children means ensuring a better future for tomorrow’s adults

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Help in chain: solidarity basketball in Buenos Aires

With the aim of creating a positive change in the world, Argentinian celebrities such as Luciano Castro, Sabrina Rojas and Sergio Santos Hernández, coach of the Argentine basketball team, participated in an event that had sport as a flag.

Magnificent Venice

The exhibition in Paris brings the visitors back in time, to the "Dazzling Venice!" times of the Serenissima Republic

Fair winds to The Human Safety Net!

A colorful stand welcomed families, kids and tourists at the 50th Barcolana

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Happy birthday The Human Safety Net!

Today we celebrate one year since the official launch of The Human Safety Net.

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Breathing Easier

Stars shine and smiles shimmer at the launch of “Hold Your Breath 2018.”


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