I love cooking. It's my passion!

Mauboubeh, a young Persian woman, started an empowerment journey supported by Milano Red Cross and eventually managed to find a job in a restaurant.

"I love cooking. It's my passion", says Mauboubeh, a young Persian woman who arrived in Italy a few years ago. In 2019, after receiving political asylum, she had the opportunity to participate in the employability and inclusion programme supported by the Milan Red Cross, an NGO partner of The Human Safety Net in Italy. The project aims to professionally train asylum seekers and refugees and help them enter the world of work.

After an initial empowerment process aimed at strengthening her relational and soft skills, she eventually became passionate about the art of baking bread and preparing handmade pasta.
Soon afterwards, Mauboubeh found a job in an Italian restaurant close to Milan's Duomo, where she joined a Bolognese chef who taught her how to make filled pasta, such as tortellini and ravioli. These were intense months spent in the kitchen, allowing her to acquire the technique and immerse herself completely in Italian culture. 

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, she was laid off but did not lose her heart.
"During this difficult time, I wasn't alone. In addition to my husband, I was able to count on the help of a volunteer from the Milan Red Cross who supported me in looking for new experiences and possible job opportunities. So I managed to find a new possibility in a beautiful restaurant where I could show my talent in the kitchen!".