Step up for THSN Global Challenge 2021

Jeffrey shares his story from last year’s Global Challenge

Last year, Hong Kong participated in The Human Safety Net Global Challenge 2021. The goal was to reach an ambitious target of walking 20 million steps collectively in two weeks. And we did it with more than 23 million! 

As we allowed our colleagues to convert other sports and exercises into steps, one of our colleagues, Jeffrey, did more than walking for the cause. Besides walking around instead of taking public transport, he has also participated in jogging, playing football, dragon boat practicing, and even organized some hikes with friends to boost the numbers. 

While planning for the hiking trips with friends, Jeffrey said that they have even discovered some new hiking paths to their excitement.  “We took plenty of beautiful scenery pictures on the way and it was an enjoyable experience.” 

Since he also coordinates Generali Hong Kong’s own football club, the Lion FC, Jeffrey shared that his team raised around $1500 HKD during the event. 

“It is a good opportunity to promote exercise and health while being able to contribute to charities,” commented Jeffrey, “I am already looking forward to joining the coming Global Challenge!”